from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht

From the scrapyard to a fancy yacht


from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht

You might not notice a millionaire when you are walking on the streets, but they are everywhere, and they are enjoying their lives making money around the world with stocks and cryptocurrency.

Incredible. That is the word I can use to describe the recent story I had the opportunity to cover. As an Economic journalist I have heard a few millionaire stories over the years but only a handful of them really caught my attention like the one I am about to tell you. When I first met Thato Gautengi he didn’t strike me as an investor, but as a regular South African guy that could be the owner of a trinket shop or cafe, but I couldn’t be further from the truth when this gentle and every reserved man welcomed me to his 130ft yacht, actually they were just waiting for me to sail.

On his 36 years-old but looking 10 years less – Gau – as he prefers to be called, opened a bottle of Prosecco and start telling me how funny he made his first trades and actually won a great money. He poured me a glass and went on saying that he had managed to save some money and bought a few shares in the past against his mother’s will but she was really happy when he brought back home a few thousand dollars, literally coming from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht.

From the scrapyard to a fancy yacht

And what did you do back then, when was your first trade?

Well, I had bought these Leeman Brothers shares back in 2007 and one day I was in a bar and overheard some guys in suits, probably brokers or something, chatting about markets and one of them said the markets and banks would face dark times according to his own prediction, everybody on the table laughed, but I finished my drink and that sentence got stuck in my head. Some time later I decided to short sell my shares for $65 and boom, the crisis hit and I was suddenly sitting on a pile of cash.

But wasn’t that a strike of luck ?

You can say that, but I always follow the news and sometimes going to the right places can make a big difference. No one owns the truth, but some of them know a bit more than you and if you are smart enough to listen you can use that in your advantage. I didn’t predict the market, I heard this guy on a bar, spoke to my broker, read some news and decided to make a move. It is not luck, it is strategy.

Do you have Bitcoin from the beginning?

Pretty much yes, after some time I even set up a few computers in my cousin’s garage to mine then, back then  you could mine blocks of 50 Bitcoin, nowadays if you don’t have then it easier to just buy and trade in the market. But the point  here Steve is to believe in technology and mainly in yourself to make good trades and see potential where others fail to see.

Do you have other cryptocurrencies?

Oh yes, I try to diversify my investments and trades as much as we (me and my brother) think is good. I have a few shares from Google,  Amazon, eBay and also bought a few Etherium, some Ripple, and many other small coins, just to name a few for you. The future is happening now, and we nee to go with the flow or where the money is, as they say.

But crypto is risk isn’t it?

Yes , but crossing the street is even more if you think about it. People that say cryprocurrency is dangerous might be right but when I look to my bank acccount and the things I can buy and do; their opinions don’t really matter. If you are afraid don’t do it, bit don’t discourage others based on your personal fears. By the end of the day who are these people to tell me what to do anyway?

If you want to be safe you will stay where you are forever.

What advice would you give to our traders? 

First of all, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of risking no matter what specialist tell you, they only say that because the couldn’t make money trading. If you want to be safe you will stay where you are forever. With so many trading options nowadays if you don’t become a millionaire, it is definitely you fault.

I always advice to be cautious but not coward, don’t sell your house to trade, but you can definitely use your savings to get started. Stock market is a good place as it is slightly more secure, but the big money is on cryptocurrency. Just find yourself a nice broker and listen to your guts. That’s my advice Steve.

What are your plans for the future?

Apart from keeping my investments, I am taking some time to prepare a few trading courses for people interested in making money trading on forex and cryptocurrency. I want to share my knowledge and help the regular guy become a successful person just like I became. If i came from nothing and made millions you definitely can do the same. There is no magic here Steve, I will teach a few secret techniques, the right trades to make and how to make a few thousands on your first trades.

After meeting Gau, the only think I can say is that the world is full of opportunities to the ones that are willing to seize them or grab’em by the tail as my father used to say.  He recommended me some shares and cryptocurrency to buy, as well his favourite broker. To be honest meeting these kinds of people and seeing that they are not a work of fiction is quite rewarding, specially when you listen to their life stories and learn that everyone can be successful, we just need to believe in it.

As Gau mentioned, he is opening a few spots for his trading course, where he will share unique tips and techniques to empower you with the ability to make thousands on your first trades. To be honest I don’t think these spots will last long, so my advice is to run and fill the form below as soon as you can to claim your post. If he managed to come from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht you can too.

Opportunity only knocks once, make sure you open the door before someone else does it.

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