How to profit on Bitcoin? The full Bitcoin trading guide.

Are you looking to make money from the comfort of your home? Have you ever explored the kind of opportunities that cryptocurrencies are capable of providing?

Needless to mention, Bitcoin is the buzz word these days. In fact it is one of the widely traded cryptocurrencies today. Despite the regular ups and downs in its prices, the currency continues to dominate other cryptos in the world of trading. In this article, we shall reveal some of the best and profitable strategies for investing in Bitcoin. If you are new to crypto trading, then continue reading to find our comprehensive guide to profiting from Bitcoin trading.

Why Bitcoin?

Before delving deeper into Bitcoin profitable trading strategies, it’s important to understand why should we trade the currency in the first place? Well, to begin with, Bitcoin trading offers higher spreads and margin trading option. In fact, Bitcoin is one of the most popular global cryptocurrencies, which means that its value isn’t related to any specific country’s policies or economy. Additionally, unlike the stocks, Bitcoin can be traded 24×7 and is highly volatile. Now, aren’t these reasons enough for trading? If you answered in affirmative, then check out some of our top Bitcoin trading strategies.

Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Like stocks and forex, you must have a well defined technique or strategy for trading Bitcoins too. This implies that you must know exactly when to enter or exit a trade position, how much you want to invest and what kind of profits you require in order to improve your earning capabilities. Below, we’ve listed our secret Bitcoin trading strategies for traders, especially those who are planning to make money from home.

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Strategy One: Follow the Experts

Want to profit through Bitcoin trading? Follow the experts or successful cryptocurrency investors. All you really need to do is follow their predictions before investing in Bitcoins as they provide sure-fire ways of profitable trading.

Strategy Two: Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is another great way of profiting from Bitcoin trading. As a trader you need to keep a track of the fundamental figures that affect the value of the currency. This typically includes number of wallets, transactions that are carried out on a daily basis, total number of wallets, the volume that is traded on crypto exchanges etc. Traders can utilize this figure/data for estimating what Bitcoin’s worth can be in reality. This will also help them in determining whether the currency is overvalued or undervalued and furthermore take their buying/selling decision accordingly.

Strategy Three: Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is all about checking out the various patterns on the trading chart. As Bitcoin traders you can use technical charts for predicting the direction of price movement. Remember, certain price patterns keep on repeating themselves and may thus appear in the Bitcoin market too.

Strategy Four: Trading Signals

Traders can turn to technical trading signal providers who keep on updating their trading signals by sending regular alerts regarding buying and selling of Bitcoins. However, in order to take advantage of Bitcoin trading signal, you will have to identify a reputed signal provider and also pay a certain amount of subscription.

Strategy Five: Margin Trading

Another good strategy for trading Bitcoin can be used in the form of margin trading. Margin trading helps you in making profits from market movement. For this, you need to borrow money and place your trade by utilizing the asset or currency purchased in the form of collateral. When a trader engages in margin trading, the automated trading system will sell off the currency when the market moves against him/her. That’s because they intend to minimize their losses by closing their trade automatically. Traders that are specifically looking for such exchanges can opt for margin trading facility at BitYes and Bitfinex.

Strategy Six: Buying and Holding Strategy

 In the world of Bitcoin, buying and hodling strategy is quite common. Hodling is a general term used in the world of Bitcoin, which in essence means ‘holding’. In the buy and hold strategy, you need to purchase the Bitcoins and hold them for long periods, irrespective of market fluctuations.

Strategy Seven: Hedging

While, this strategy is commonly used in stock trading, it can be used for profiting from Bitcoins trading too. In this strategy, you need to split your Bitcoins in two different parts. While, they continue to hold the 1st part with them, they sell the 2nd part and continue to wait for the most appropriate price. As a result, if the prices go up, they end up earning profits and vice versa.

Strategy Eight: Seeding

The seeding strategy is primarily used in the equity market. In this strategy, venture capitalists invest a small amount of funds on a number of start-up organizations that are currently at the initial stage of development. However, the investor is already aware that most of these organizations will end up falling and hence losing money. Their main objective is to reap higher ROI on those who would win. Thus, if one or more of these start-ups is successful then the investor gets plenty of opportunities to recover his/her loss. This strategy could be easily used in the world of cryptocurrencies, wherein an investor can invest in one or more cryptocurrencies and expect to profits in returns from one or more cryptos.

Strategy Nine: Basket Trading

We have another good strategy for crypto traders who wish to trade Bitcoin. Yes! Opt for basket trading. In this strategy you can swap old cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins with the new ones. This will fetch you higher profits and greater returns.

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Great! So, how do I start?

The first and the most important thing to take care of is to find a reliable Bitcoin trading broker.  There are many and more Bitcoin trading brokers to choose from around the globe.

Here are the most important things to consider  choosing a Bitcoin broker: 

Initial Deposit: Some brokers require a large minimum deposit while others have no minimum, or low minimum deposit requirements. Don’t feel pressured to choose a bitcoin broker whose deposit is too high for you – you will be able to find one that can meet your needs. Just make sure that you don’t trade with money that you can’t afford to lose.

 Charges and fees: In order to entice bitcoin traders, many bitcoin brokers promise ‘no commissions’ on cryptocurrency trading. Make sure to read the fine print to determine if there are rollover fees for overnight positions or other hidden fees that can take a bite out of your profits.

 Leverage: Most brokers limit the leverage offered on cryptocurrency trading due to the high volatility of the assets. If leverage is offered, it can range from 2:1 to 30:1. Take care not to use too much leverage as strong movements against your position can cause irrevocable damage to your account.

 Trading platform: There are dozens of bitcoin trading platforms available, from the standard MetaTrader 4 to proprietary platforms built by individual brokers. You can choose between web platforms or downloadable options, or a combination of both. Don’t be afraid to test out different platforms to see which one works best for you.

 Educational materials: There is so much to say about bitcoin trading, and about cryptocurrency trading in general, but not every broker has taken the time to provide these insights to its traders. Consider whether you need to learn more before trading, or whether you’ve already got the knowledge you need. If your broker doesn’t offer the educational materials you seek, it may not be the right broker for you.

Choosing the right Bitcoin broker for you can be challenging, but Insider Journals is ready to help you with this. Together with leading Forex Bitcoin Brokers we offer you free assistance finding a Bitcoin broker that works the best for you! Find the right broker in your region and also avail a 30% bonus on your first deposit with some of the leading brokers. Click the button below and fill in the form to get the offer.

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Bitcoin: Why is everyone trading on it ?

If there is something everyone is talking about in the investment circles is Bitcoin.

Whether te crazy price fluctuations, new bank regulations or the amazing blockchain technology behind it, people are talking a lot about it, but why is everyone trading on it?

To answer this question, we need to establish a few points as to why it is a good idea to trade cryptocurrency  on and also as an alternative currency to the paper money you have in your wallet right now.

Bitcoin is decentralised

Bitcoin isn’t made by governments, which means the can’t simply print 5 million and fix the price. For a Bitcoin to exist a complex algorithm needs to be solved and obviously it is not easy as turning on a printer.

In other words, the price will grow at an incredible rate, with huge swings, but eventually will become more stable as the blockchain becomes a part of everyone’s life, whether they know it or not.

Bitcoin can be used to move cash around

That is something extremely useful for people that need to move their cash around and don’t trust or don’t want to pay bank and government fees.

Let’s say you want to buy a house in Japan but you line in South America, where might be harder to move your money around. if you do this through a bank you would have to pay massive fees, local taxes and it would take days to have your money.

With Bitcoin  you can simply buy coins in your country and then swap it for another currency and within an hour you have your funds ready yo purchase your new house, boat or whatever you want with almost no additional costs. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Ok I got it, but really, why is everyone trading on Bitcoin? 

Well, to be honest there is no magic answer here, it is simply because Bitcoin is easy to use and profitable to trade on if you know what you are doing. Obviously, it is easier to make profit if you have broker, but to help clarify it, let’s see what some heavy-weight investors are saying about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Daymong John

According to the Shark Tank investor and FUBU creator, there’s a lot that you need to be aware before investing.

“You gotta start learning about it now.”  Daymond John told Money, adding that he owns Bitcoin and Etherium. But before you invest, he has a key warning: It is just like any other investment – you need to do your research and beware of scammers.

Robert Herjavec,

The CEO of the cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, has an optimistic outlook for the digital currency.

“To me, it’s the wave of the future,” Herjavec tells Money. “Fast forward 25 years from now, there will be some form of a cryptocurrency that will allow us to buy and trade easily, and the concept of cash will go away one day.

Final thoughts on Bitcoin

As you can see Bitcoin is highly volatile, which also means highly profitable in the same proportion. The question why is everyone trading on Bitcoin may still remain for some time, but why not understand these new currencies and make some profit in the meantime?

Do you research, find a professional broker to assist you and then start trading. I am quite sure you will understand why everyone is trading on Bitcoin after that.

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5 Important Trading Tips

You might see a lot of people on the internet saying the made millions without knowing anything about trading and it might be actually true sometimes, but what these people don’t tell you is how they managed to make money, for that reason we prepared 5 important trading tips to help you get started.

Many beginner traders tend to lose money for a few simple reasons: they don’t know how to use the platform the choose, and they risk more than they can afford. Most of the professional investors won’t share their secrets for traders. that’s why we have prepared a list of 5 things you should know before trading to help you avoid unnecessary risks and make profit on your first trades on Forex, Cryptocurrency or stocks.

1. Find the right platform and broker for you:

This is the first and if not the most important thing you should know before starting a successful trading career, as it will either help you make that first million or make you lose your money and time. it is important to choose carefully a good broker and see if they have user-friendly platform for you.

These days is not too hard to find brokers, but some of them are not so good. Always choose renowned and regulated brokers, especially if they have profitable and consistent services.

2. Have a realistic understanding  of your profit and risk limits:

Obviously, you want to become a millionaire trading on cryptocurrency and Forex, but even having a top broker by your side won’t be enough if you don’t set your own limits and have realistic approach to your trades. It’s not hard to make money but there isn’t magic button to do it.

Money management is really a big deal. Whether you want to double your account in 1 week or 2 days, having realistic expectations of a trading account is imperative and it prevents you from taking unnecessary risks. A good broker will help you define your stop loss limit and have a better understand about right time to take profit on your trades.

3. You should know how to read charts properly: 

By learning the probable movements in the candlesticks and the general direction of the instrument you are looking at, you can make a more informed analysis of where the price is likely to go, therefore make profit with your trades.

Some brokers provide educational materials and their experts can provide good insights and private trading sessions so you can make more educated decisions and actually take profit instead of trading in the dark as it is common with other brokers.

4. Understand how News affect price:

Once you know about the news and how it effects price, you can learn which ones to avoid, and which ones you can trade through. For example, if your trading on forex, the news about Brexit or U.S. elections can swing the markets easily, which can be either good or bad for you depending  on how you define your strategy.

Be aware of how major events can impact your trades and you will be able to maximize your profits and reduce risks, especially on cryptocurrency as they are quite volatile.

5. Know more about Support and Resistance:

You should definitely know more about support and resistance as it will also help you to identify a trend, and where to put stop loss, and take profit. It will give you an edge when making decisions near the key levels. Imagine you decide to buy a stick and then after doing it you realize it was probably going to drop 10 cents – by knowing and analyzing these levels you can eliminate a lot of rookies mistakes.

Make money trading is not rocket science, it is more about having discipline, be willing to learn and also having a solid broker to give support to your trades. Now you have read the 5 things you should know before trading you can get started trading forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices and more on all major markets with ease.

And remember : you can only make money if you really want to make it.

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consejos para comerciar con bitcoin y ganar dinero

4 tips to trade Bitcoin and have profit

The recent buzz on cryptocurrency – especially Bitcoin   – is making amateur and professional traders  alike invest more money on the markets as it became easier to trade on them. But before you go to an official broker, we recommend that you read our 4 tips to trade Bitcoin and have profit and find out how good this is for you.

As you might know, the technology behind cryptocurrency is the blockchain , which is essentially an infinite ledger where all the transactions made around the world are registered and confirmed by all the computers in the encrypted network, granting the veracity and accuracy of the transactions. But technology details apart, the following 4 tips to trade Bitcoin and have profit will definitely help a lot your trading career.

1.  Learn how to buy your Bitcoins

This may seem silly, but many people really want to trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and have profit but have little or no idea where to buy them and get started. Luckily there are many stores available and we do recommend using either Coinbase or buying straight from broker.

The advantage of buying you Bitcoin, Litecoin or other altcoins from a broker is you can usually get them at better prices as you will be trading with them after you purchase the coins. They always offer special conditions. leverage and other options to start trading.

2. Follow a strategy

When you start trading on cryptocurrency you should have defined goals and some amount of patience for possible mistakes, because they do happen. A good Bitcoin trading strategy to follow is to look at the market patterns that form over different periods – 6 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 4 days, a week and so on.

Make sure to read about and understand a bit more about the coins you want to trade and have a look on coin’s charts to see overall trends. You can also limit trading to certain hours of the day to avoid precipitated  decisions that  could make you lose your precious coins.

3. Be careful with ICO scams

You might have seen recently all these Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and most of them turned out to be big scams. It is important to do a good research on the ICO and the company behind the new coin before investing in it.

Also, it is wise to never invest too many funds in a single ICO – it is always good to diversify on the ICOs, but if possible go for more known coins.

4. Have discipline

Last but not least, exercise all you discipline  when trading. Never trade under pressure and always align your buy and sell orders with your goals. Follow the news on social media, TV or your broker’s advice and choose the right time to get out of the trade.

And do not let the excitement get the best of you, remember one very important thing: the goal is to make profit, even if you don’t hit the jackpot on your first Bitcoin trade, is important to keep trading steadily with your goals very defined.

We hope you have enjoyed our 4 tips to trade Bitcoin and have profit. Remember that trading in the volatile cryptocurrency market can be very profitable when done with professional broker by your side and also with knowledge and confidence on every trade you make.

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from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht

From the scrapyard to a fancy yacht


from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht

You might not notice a millionaire when you are walking on the streets, but they are everywhere, and they are enjoying their lives making money around the world with stocks and cryptocurrency.

Incredible. That is the word I can use to describe the recent story I had the opportunity to cover. As an Economic journalist I have heard a few millionaire stories over the years but only a handful of them really caught my attention like the one I am about to tell you. When I first met Thato Gautengi he didn’t strike me as an investor, but as a regular South African guy that could be the owner of a trinket shop or cafe, but I couldn’t be further from the truth when this gentle and every reserved man welcomed me to his 130ft yacht, actually they were just waiting for me to sail.

On his 36 years-old but looking 10 years less – Gau – as he prefers to be called, opened a bottle of Prosecco and start telling me how funny he made his first trades and actually won a great money. He poured me a glass and went on saying that he had managed to save some money and bought a few shares in the past against his mother’s will but she was really happy when he brought back home a few thousand dollars, literally coming from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht.

From the scrapyard to a fancy yacht

And what did you do back then, when was your first trade?

Well, I had bought these Leeman Brothers shares back in 2007 and one day I was in a bar and overheard some guys in suits, probably brokers or something, chatting about markets and one of them said the markets and banks would face dark times according to his own prediction, everybody on the table laughed, but I finished my drink and that sentence got stuck in my head. Some time later I decided to short sell my shares for $65 and boom, the crisis hit and I was suddenly sitting on a pile of cash.

But wasn’t that a strike of luck ?

You can say that, but I always follow the news and sometimes going to the right places can make a big difference. No one owns the truth, but some of them know a bit more than you and if you are smart enough to listen you can use that in your advantage. I didn’t predict the market, I heard this guy on a bar, spoke to my broker, read some news and decided to make a move. It is not luck, it is strategy.

Do you have Bitcoin from the beginning?

Pretty much yes, after some time I even set up a few computers in my cousin’s garage to mine then, back then  you could mine blocks of 50 Bitcoin, nowadays if you don’t have then it easier to just buy and trade in the market. But the point  here Steve is to believe in technology and mainly in yourself to make good trades and see potential where others fail to see.

Do you have other cryptocurrencies?

Oh yes, I try to diversify my investments and trades as much as we (me and my brother) think is good. I have a few shares from Google,  Amazon, eBay and also bought a few Etherium, some Ripple, and many other small coins, just to name a few for you. The future is happening now, and we nee to go with the flow or where the money is, as they say.

But crypto is risk isn’t it?

Yes , but crossing the street is even more if you think about it. People that say cryprocurrency is dangerous might be right but when I look to my bank acccount and the things I can buy and do; their opinions don’t really matter. If you are afraid don’t do it, bit don’t discourage others based on your personal fears. By the end of the day who are these people to tell me what to do anyway?

If you want to be safe you will stay where you are forever.

What advice would you give to our traders? 

First of all, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of risking no matter what specialist tell you, they only say that because the couldn’t make money trading. If you want to be safe you will stay where you are forever. With so many trading options nowadays if you don’t become a millionaire, it is definitely you fault.

I always advice to be cautious but not coward, don’t sell your house to trade, but you can definitely use your savings to get started. Stock market is a good place as it is slightly more secure, but the big money is on cryptocurrency. Just find yourself a nice broker and listen to your guts. That’s my advice Steve.

What are your plans for the future?

Apart from keeping my investments, I am taking some time to prepare a few trading courses for people interested in making money trading on forex and cryptocurrency. I want to share my knowledge and help the regular guy become a successful person just like I became. If i came from nothing and made millions you definitely can do the same. There is no magic here Steve, I will teach a few secret techniques, the right trades to make and how to make a few thousands on your first trades.

After meeting Gau, the only think I can say is that the world is full of opportunities to the ones that are willing to seize them or grab’em by the tail as my father used to say.  He recommended me some shares and cryptocurrency to buy, as well his favourite broker. To be honest meeting these kinds of people and seeing that they are not a work of fiction is quite rewarding, specially when you listen to their life stories and learn that everyone can be successful, we just need to believe in it.

As Gau mentioned, he is opening a few spots for his trading course, where he will share unique tips and techniques to empower you with the ability to make thousands on your first trades. To be honest I don’t think these spots will last long, so my advice is to run and fill the form below as soon as you can to claim your post. If he managed to come from the scrapyard to a fancy yacht you can too.

Opportunity only knocks once, make sure you open the door before someone else does it.

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